Attila Szendrei

Economic engineer, mechanical engineer

Professional career, positions held

2007 –

NewTone Pros818 Ltd., owner, managing director, leading consultant

2002 – 2007

MakTel Group Plc, chief executive officer


MatávKábelTV Ltd., chief executive officer

1996 – 2002

Zwack Unicum Plc., chief operational officer, BULIV Ltd., managing director

1993 – 1996

Videoton Holding Plc, director of strategic development

Experiences gained


Corporate governance

Marketing and sales



Project management

Elaboration of operational model, mission statement, target setting

Product portfolio elaboration

Implementation programming


Strategic corporate projects and/or customized projects

Elaboration and implementation of business models, strategy

Elaboration of marketing models and organizations, actuation

Inventory management

Investment management

Efficiency improvement

Change management, vision building

Marketing techniques, target setting, motivation, evaluation

Procurement, supplyers’ management

Return on investment management

Cost rationalization

Management accounting

Product margin management

Production planning-, controlling,-, management


Profit management


Other logistic activities