Best for:

  • All the companies who have verified/approved strategy, business plan or want to update their existing strategy and/or have difficulties with its implementation.

Major product contents:

Strategy planning/elaboration and implementation

  • We consider – as initial information – the owners’ expectations, the actual market conditions, the regulatory aspects and – if it exists – the corporate vision.
  • We set the major strategic ways together with the corporate TOP management, based on a diagnosis reflecting the actual status of the company by that way that we strongly consider the opinion of the subjected stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees).
  • The final strategy includes not only the overall company’s goals, but the business unit like and the functional area like ones as well.
  • We process the strategy implementation as the major program of the company, by involving the well-known project management techniques (Implementation plan – Steering Committee – Subprojects – Task management – Reporting system – Communication system – Employee improvement – Motivation system., etc.) followed by time to time stops and checks.

Business planning/elaboration and implementation

  • As part of the planning process we consider the economic-, the market- and the regulatory environment, the owners’ and the strategy expectations/goals and the major features/actuals of the company’s previous years’ operations/performance.
  • We set the product/service portfolio, prepare the revenue-, the volume-, the marketing- and sales plans, elaborate the operation model of the company for the subjected period together with the reps of the company.
  • In harmony with the above we also elaborate the relevant functional area plans (product/service “manufacturing”-, investment-, headcount-, cost-, etc. plans).
  • The planning of the Income Statement appears as part of the financial plan which also incorporates the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) system which helps to periodically monitor the implementation of the approved Business Plan (plan Vs actual).
  • The company’s management submits the final draft of the Business Plan (BP) to the owners for approval by that way, that this submitted documentation includes the Implementation Plan (tasks, persons in charge, deadline, etc.) of the BP as well.