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NewTone Pros 818 Ltd. (NTP) and its team can boast extensive professional experience and background that we intend to use for the benefit of private enterprises. Being tailored to cover all areas of private companies, our business models, products and services can best contribute to achieving the above goal. We are concerned with our clients’ real problems and objective opportunities. Real problems and objective opportunities are those ones the solution of which leads to more effective corporate operation and improving success. The outcome of our methods is quantifiable, measurable, and ensures return on investments improving efficiency even in the short run. Our fees provide sufficient guarantee for both NTP and our partners to achieve mutually set goals and values. Similar to the majority of consulting firms, NTP also works with freelance professionals. Our major criteria of selection were several years of multifunctional corporate/business experience and outstanding individual references in both professional life and business ethics. Our colleagues come from a variety of background, which enables us to thoroughly cover almost all industries thus promoting continuous development for our future partners via cooperation with them. We are experts in small and medium-sized as well as large companies; however we are equally familiar with roles of owners, buyers, suppliers, and employers.

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Business model

Business Model

We take the view that under current circumstances companies have to do all they can to increase competitiveness by means of investments promising return in the short run, like cooperation with us. We differ from similar companies on the market in the following:

We identify real problems and objective opportunities the solution of which is positively traceable in profit and loss accounts (e.g. increasing income and/or cutting costs),
We do this in a measurable way,
Our consulting fee can be considered as an investment with real return,
We offer fixed + success fee payment construction providing guarantee for realization of goals.

Our above described management technique and business model is industrially neutral, thus can be applied for both production and service providing small, medium-sized or large companies in Hungarian, foreign, or state ownership.

As each and every company has different features and operational properties, it is imperative to ensure the possible best solutions for the company in question by individual, tailored means and tools mutually identified and consistently realized during our cooperation.


Best for

All the companies that intend to operate in line with their short, medium, and long-term goals at an optimal level of profit by identifying and utilizing opportunities embedded in operational environs, identifying and eliminating threats, and with the ultimate goal to ensure necessary and sufficient incomes and expenditures.


We believe that

  • the most important value for a company is the most suitable person
  • an operative vision is essential
    consumer satisfaction
    employee satisfaction
    owner satisfaction
  • stable C/F
  • continuous development
  • an optimal level of profit can be ensured
  • our profit management model is tailored to cover each corporate area, provides measurable results and return on investment even in the short run,
  • has a consulting fee payment construction that provides guarantee for planned realization


  • 1-3-5 years based on a business plan
  • focused and based on profit and loss accounts
  • targets income and/or cost management
  • tailored solutions
  • sustainable

Methods, major techniques

ORDER method – Initial status assessment – potential remedy/exact solutions – project/task management
– Steering Committee – project team – weekly/monthly status reports – assessment – feedback
top management assessment


"Base" Profit management

merely profit and loss account-based

Strategic Profit management

corporate strategy-based

Vision Profit management

corporate vision-based

Complex Profit management

in line with Vision and Strategic planning



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