Best for:

  • All the companies that intend  to set up their operation currently, are already over the initial hardships, or have been operating for a time and would like to continuously improve their corporate management systems.

Major product contents

  • Ownership structure and supervision rights
  • Why? How? What?
  • Principles of corporate management, managing bodies
  • Corporate structure – Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Corporate liability, observing rules
  • Strategy – tactics – corporate policies
  • Principles of planning
  • Executive management systems
  • Performance monitoring (Balanced Score Card, Key Performance Indicators, Key Success Factors, reporting, incentives, operational, communication, quality management, etc. systems)
  • Relationship management (owner relationships, market behavior – customer relationships, supplier relationships, PR, etc.)
  • Owner, customer, employee satisfaction management
  • Corporate management methods
  • Corporate culture, corporate development
  • etc.